Stillness: One of the Doors Into the Temple
(unrealized physical objects due to closure of studio facility)
Ceramic, Wood, Cement, Glaze

Stillness: One of the Doors into the Temple, comprising of Couch, Bench, Chair: Sitting Unit, 20 Clouds: Floor Unit, 6 Altars: Shelving Unit is the culminating body of work from Isabel’s time in the Furniture Department at RISD. The work ︎︎︎ draws its center from “Mary Oliver’s poem Today”:

Today I’m flying low and I’m
not saying a word.
I’m letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep.

The world goes on as it must,
the bees in the gardening rumbling a little, the fish leaping, the gnats getting eaten. And so forth.

But I’m taking the day off.
Quiet as a feather.
I hardly move though really I’m traveling a terrific distance.

Stillness. One of the doors into the temple.

copyright 2020 isabel rower all rights reserved