Like a Tree Breathing through its Spectacles Bentwood Furniture Collection
Birch, Clear Laquer, Colored Pencil
Various Dimensions

More information about the exhibition︎︎︎

Superhouse Press Release:

“Superhouse is honored to present Ingrained, a group exhibition of six women and non-binary artists and designers working with wood. The focus of the show seeks to challenge the traditionally male-dominated industry, with these six makers breaking gender barriers, much like the generation of women makers before them. The exhibition takes place April 1 – May 8, 2022 at Superhouse Vitrine. The all-new works on view demonstrate a wide range of contemporary wood craft by a sample of rising star makers today: Sarah Burns, Natalie Ochoa, Nifemi Ogunro, Isabel Rower, Myriam Simard-Parent, and Shaina Tabak.”
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